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Got questions? We've got answers (probably)!

  • Is prior kayaking experience necessary?
    Nope! We encourage people of all ages and skill levels to come out and enjoy kayaking at Whalon Lake. All rentals are preceded by a short paddling and safety orientation. Our staff are also happy to assist you before you head out on the water.
  • Are there age restrictions?
    Kayaking is generally accessible to people age 3 and up! Guests under 8 must be seated in a double kayak with a parent, legal guardian, or family member over age 18. We allow children 3 and up to ride with their parents or guardians (18 years and older) in certain kayak models. Although not strictly prohibited, we recommend that parents and guardians NOT take children under the age of 3 out in a kayak. All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign our liability waiver on their behalf.
  • What should I wear?
    You WILL always get a little wet while kayaking. As such, "athleisure" clothing is a good choice. You should also only wear shoes you won't mind getting damp. Generally, you should dress according to the weather conditions on the day of your paddling adventure. You want to avoid cotton (jeans, khakis, sweats, sweatshirts) and other clothing that absorbs lots of water. We also recommend wearing a hat and sunglasses. We require shirts to be worn under personal flotation devices!
  • Is there a place to change clothes or shower?
    Not really, sorry. There are no shower facilities at Whalon Lake. There are public restrooms nearby though.
  • Is alcohol allowed?
    No. It is never a good idea to consume alcohol before, or while, engaging in paddlesports. We ask that you refrain from consuming any alcoholic beverages (or other substances!) before or during your experience. If we suspect you are intoxicated or heavily influenced by any foreign substance, we will turn you away.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Yes! Our single and double kayaks can support your furry friend. We recommend you bring a life preserver for your pooch (we don't offer them).
  • Can I bring my own kayak to Whalon Lake?
    Yes! Check out this link for more info:
  • Do I need to make a reservation or can I just show up?
    It's always a good idea to make a reservation prior to coming out to Whalon Lake, but they aren't required. Guests who come without a reservation on busy days may need to wait a bit for a boat.
  • Do I have to wear a PFD (Personal Flotation Device)?
    Yes. A PFD is required at all times by LAW and INSURANCE. There are no exceptions to this rule. Also, renting our boats means using our PFDs. No exceptions. :)
  • Do you rent lockers?
    No. You should lock your valuables in your car.
  • Can I bring a large group or host a party?
    Yes! Kayaking parties are a blast. You can rent up to 40 boats (enough for 65 butts) subject to availability. Get in touch with us to reserve your paddling day. P.S. You can also rent the pavilion at Whalon Lake by contacting Will County!
  • Do you serve food and beverages?
    Yes! We have a limited selection of nutrition bars, healthy snacks, and beverages available for purchase at our check-in location.
  • Do you offer fishing kayaks and supplies?
    Yes! We rent fishing kayaks and sell a selection of baits and lures known to catch fish at Whalon Lake. Check out the Will County website for Whalon Lake to learn more about fishing.
  • Do you have equipment guests with physical disabilities?
    Unfortunately, the dock at Whalon Lake does not include equipment to support getting into and out of boats by guests who have mobility issues. Our park 10 miles away in Lemont offers kayaks with specialized seats, outriggers, and adaptive handles as well as an accessible dock.
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